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Body Harmony with Proper Nutrition

The full assimilation of all useful elements and substances, the stable functioning of the whole organism, the correct and fast flow of metabolic processes in the digestive system are requirements and also guarantees of high immunity and good health.

Keep an Eating Schedule

Learn how to eat right and absolute harmony with your own body will enter your life.   Proper nutrition is a constant and certain hours of meals. At the same time, food is distributed by the number of calories and the set of chemical elements that are contained in food during the day. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the set of dishes, as well as their number. For physically healthy and mature people, experts in the field of proper nutrition recommend eating three or four times a day.

With some diseases, which are mainly associated with the digestive system, you need to eat 5-6 times a day. The daily norm of food is distributed as follows: light breakfast, which is equal to about a third of the total daily norm; hearty lunch, dinner, which is a quarter of the daily norm. Many nutritionists agreed that four meals a day is the best choice. This system of proper nutrition enables the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients in the most optimal way.

The distribution of food by the hours of admission is highly dependent on energy potential and composition. For example: foods with a high protein content – fish, meat, legumes should be consumed for lunch or breakfast. They increase the active central nervous system. It is necessary to eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products before bedtime. They are not able to load the digestive organs. Do not eat cafes, tea, spicy seasonings at night. You can thus activate the nervous system, thereby disturbing sleep. Lack of food or its excessive amount also worsen sleep. It is best to start eating with vegetables or salads. You so activate the activity of the stomach, and also increase the secretion of gastric juice. Dishes should be served no colder than ten degrees and no hotter than fifty. For better digestibility of food, it should be thoroughly chewed. TV, conversations, books distract from proper eating. This food is quite harmful and can spoil your digestive system.

Be Systematic

Take food in accordance with the schedule and do not break it. A systematic and proper meal helps prevent the digestive tract. Eat within a reasonable, moderate, overeating leads to the accumulation of fat, causes many different diseases, and also lowers the activity of the immune system.

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