Constipated? This Diet for Constipation Will Help You

Constipation can occur with improper diet, improper lifestyle, following some weight loss diets that are low in fiber. Chronic constipation can cause metabolic disorders, which leads to overweight. The constipation diet contains this basic principle – there is more fiber.Increasing fiber intake is not difficult enough: you need to eat more raw vegetables and fruits, especially beans, broccoli, peas. As well as whole grain bread, cereal bran, dried fruits: figs, prunes, raisins.

If there is no contraindication, then to prevent constipation, you need to drink about two liters of water per day, fewer foods that contain refined sugar. An old folk remedy for stimulating bowel function – a glass of warm water mixed with the juice of a whole lemon, drink in the morning and fifteen minutes before eating. To enhance the effect, have breakfast with a salad of carrots, cabbage, herbs and apples, seasoned with vegetable oil, or fruit salad.

The diet for constipation also includes such recommendations: a tablespoon of bran must be added to any food; pour three teaspoons of flax seeds with a glass of water, insist for three hours, drink before bedtime without filtering; The laxative effect is seaweed. Products that promote bowel movements: prunes, figs, raw fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, dried apricots, vegetable juices, carrot and beetroot puree; black bread, dairy products, wholemeal bread, bran bread, juices with pulp, oatmeal, buckwheat, barley groats; salted fish, pickles, sour cream.

Products that contribute to constipation are dried blueberries, blueberry jelly, strong black tea, and cocoa due to the presence of tannin. As well as rice and semolina porridge, mucous soups.

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