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Are you pregnant? Gymnastics might be great for you

gymnastics pregnantAlmost every woman, gently stroking her own tummy at the end of her pregnancy, at that moment is considering how she will return to her previous shape with a tightened bust and a narrow waist. For most, it becomes a shock to the kind that the stomach acquires after childbirth – an empty bag that flutters to the beat of your steps. Right from the hospital bed, I want to jump up and start doing exercises in order to restore tone to my own muscles as soon as possible.

But in this case, you can’t rush so that your body does not harm. You can just read about gymnastics after childbirth, familiarize yourself with the basic exercises so that when the time comes, be in all arms.
The thing is that the abdominal muscles during pregnancy seem to disperse, thereby freeing up free space for the baby. After childbirth, you must wait until they return to their place and only after that start doing exercises. The woman herself can check whether the muscles are in place: it is necessary to grope this muscle in the navel area and start training only when the distance between them does not exceed the width of two fingers. Before this period, it is better to wait a bit with weight transfer and gymnastics. It will be good if a woman does not lift anything harder for several weeks, or even months, than her own child. In the end, nature itself worried about us: motion sickness of the baby, breastfeeding, the need to carry it on the hands for the first months almost constantly – it’s all imperceptible,
If you didn’t do sports before pregnancy, now you shouldn’t start abruptly. Walking fast, walking with a stroller several times a day are quite capable of replacing the initial set of exercises. When the muscles return to normal, you can safely proceed to any exercises to return slender thighs and a flat stomach.
But, of course, there are several ways to train the abdominal muscles in the first week after birth. They must be performed lying on your back.
So, in the supine position, it is necessary to bend the legs at the knees, press the feet to a horizontal surface (hard mattress or floor). Tighten the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen, while at the same time pressing the lower back to the floor (the pelvis rises slightly). Then the muscles relax. So it is necessary to do 10 times. This complex is optimal to repeat three approaches per day.

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